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Plugin and Theme Update Proxy Premium

Have you ever purchased a custom or paid/premium plugin or theme and wanted to use it on multiple sites you manage? Assuming the plugin or theme’s license permits this (e.g. a GPL license), you are legally allowed to do so. However, you may be limited to receiving automatic updates to the plugin or theme on a single site (either through license keys or some other means of verification on their update servers). Therefore, to update the other sites, you would normally have to manually upload a zip file of the updated plugin or theme and overwrite the old version.

This plugin allows you to utilize the valid site as a pass-through for your other sites, letting you use WordPress’ built-in update functionality to easily propagate updates that the valid site can see to other sites to which you have installed the plugin or theme.

The other sites do not ask for updates directly from the plugin or theme’s update servers, but instead ask for the updates from another site that can receive those updates automatically, saving you precious time!

With Plugin and Theme Update Proxy Premium, you will enjoy unlimited plugin installations, unlimited source sites, unlimited updatable plugins and themes and one-click installation of new plugins and themes directly from source sites!

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