Free Website Services Aren’t Good Enough

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Free Website Services

In any given week, we’ll hear something along the lines of “I’ll just go to one of those websites saying they will make my site for free” several times, and we just shake our heads. Free website services aren’t good enough, and here’s why:

Free Website Services Offer No Additional Value

Another way of putting it is that you get exactly what you pay for.

A basic set of instructions, some self-service “customizing”, and your cookie cutter website is out of the oven and onto the internet! Typically this is on an underpowered server, and eventually your free website service will try to sell you an overpriced hosting plan. And while that is pretty annoying, it isn’t as much of a problem as the fact that, while you may feel a sense of accomplishment setting up such a free website, it ultimately lacks the uniqueness and character required for a professional-looking web presence.

And while free website services may even offer guidance/support, they will not do any custom development work for you (unless you pay them, which means it is no longer a free website service after all). These services are inherently limited by either your own skill-set (in case you do not know how to code websites) or the system itself (which may not even allow custom HTML, for example).

The Correct Way To Launch a Website

Getting your feet wet with a free website service can be appropriate in some cases, such as hobby sites/personal blogs, and beginner tech students getting into web design for the first time. But for those of us seeking professional-looking, high quality sites with their own unique texture and branding, a web design firm should be consulted and utilized.

If that sounds like you, please contact us for a free consultation on how we can get your web presence off the ground and onto the internet!