Make a Website to Attract More Customers

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Make a Website Today

One of the first things a new or small business should do is make a website. It is a crucial component to operating a successful business in this technological age, but is often overlooked by business owners. Whether due to the fact that they do not realize it’s importance, or do not believe it to be necessary, many businesses continue to operate without their own website.

“Make a Website?”

A puzzled expression, followed by “Well, we have a Facebook page, so why do we need to make a website? Everything we would put on the website is on Facebook!” All too often we hear this when talking to people.

We understand the importance of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the myriad other social media sites. And it is true that a lot of the information you want to provide to people about your business will have a place on those sites, such as hours of operation, locations, sales, promotions and events. But there is a lot more you can do with a website that you just can’t do on “the Facebooks”, such as:

Establish Brand Authority

Going to Uncle Joe’s Rib House on Facebook may give me their business logo, vital information such as hours of operation and location, and a way to rate them after I eat there. But going to and seeing those juicy ribs sizzling behind the page is a lot more appetizing than Facebooks plain blue and white style. Plus, I automatically feel like the business is more stable, since they invested in a beautiful, delicious website.

Rank Higher in Search Engines

While your Facebook page can be found in a Google search, you can get a lot more traffic with a properly optimized website. If you make a website following SEO best practices, more of your pages will be found by people doing searches for your products or services. And the first thing anyone does when trying to find something (even a new rib place) is consult Google/Yahoo/Bing.

Generate Higher-Quality Leads

If you are in a services industry, you may want to capture information about prospective clients. Social media is definitely important, but having a contact form on your website will gather hotter leads than a call to action on Facebook. For the best results, add a lead generation form to your website, like “Subscribe to our newsletter!” or “Click here for a free consultation!”, and also link that form into your social media accounts!

So now, if you haven’t already and want to make a website, please be our next hot lead, and “click here for a free consultation! 🙂

Oh, and by the way, apologies to Future Uncle Joe and his rib house: did not exist at the time this article was written!